Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marketing With Product Launch Formula

So what is Jeff Walkers product anyway? What is this "Something Else" that Jeff's Walker's "Product Launch Formula" is actually about its about Marketing?

It's about "Events" that pre-launch your product or even your website.

Jeff Walkers formula is all about creating an "Event", and then marketing
that one-time event to an ever growing crowd. You market it right
up until "launch" day, when you start getting orders literally the very
INSTANT you open your cart. NOT because people necessarily want
your product - that's because you caused a response the reason they buy from
you at ALL. It's because they want to be part of the EVENT you've created a want
to be part of it. And because it's a singular event, they've just got the ONE SHOT.

This is the true genius at the heart of Jeff's Walkers techniques.

When you go here to watch Jeff's "Blueprint" video, you'll hear him
talk about an idea he had called the "sideways sales letter".

The idea is, you take a traditional long-form, copy-heavy direct sales
letter. Let's say it's 30 pages long. It's filled with bullet points and
sub-heads and benefits, testimonials, etc. - all the stuff it
should have...

Jeff's idea is that you turn that letter physically sideways, and
instead of a loooooong scrolling 30 page letter, you break it up into
30 DAYS of content.

By doing this you essentially trade SPACE (the long, long, long
copy from your old-style sales page) for TIME. It's literally mapped
out to the calendar.

So what would have been a suggestive (but passive) "Buy Now"
button at the bottom of your letter...

It magically becomes a VERY LITERAL "Buy Now" EVENT. It's
not just a mere suggestion that you go ahead and buy now. It
means buy NOW - TODAY! The Event you've been hearing
about, that you've been WAITING FOR? It's happening - so go
NOW NOW NOW... etc. etc. Now this is marketing at its best.

Do you understand how powerful this idea is?

By its very nature, real-time, real-world events have many of the
strongest marketing persuasion tactics built-in. You don't have to
make sure they're in your copy. You won't mess up if you leave
them out of your marketing mind map. They are just
automatically there.

Things like marketing:

* Scarcity and Exclusivity
* Repetition of Messaging
* The Power of Participation and Social Pressure

Those are just three of the marketing techniques he uses. If you left those
elements out of your sales copy during a non-event-based launch,
have missed a major marketing strategy.

However, if you follow an event-based roll-out for your marketing project, it
becomes literally IMPOSSIBLE for you to forget about them. Even
if you do the launch BADLY, you still have all these powerful
marketing triggers working for you.

Scarcity or exclusivity is already heavily implied when you are counting down to a
specific date and time in marketing technique.

You automatically get the benefit of repeat messaging because you
do not have to make excuses to mail your list. No more wracking
your brain to think of ways to remind them that you have a product
for sale. The build-up to the event is all the reason you need.

Psychologists know that people show affinity for groups they
participate in this is your marketing advantage. By doing an event-based launch, you're
getting participation in advance (with all the blog commenting and survey
feedback and whatnot). Not only that, you're INVITING them to
"participate" in your launch by buying your product on launch day.
Invitations are another powerful marketing trigger, also.

See, when you use Jeff's "Product Launch Formula" your product
becomes an EVENT. Event marketing is superior to product
marketing, even at the simplest test. Ask yourself, which is more
likely to be a product sold without an announcement or the one you build up to like the new cars coming next year?

You already know the answer.

This is the type of marketing Jeff Walkers "Product Launch Formula" is about.
It's not really about product launches it' all about marketing.
Best to Your success in marketing,
Peter Nikolauson

P.S. Be sure you opt-in on Jeff' Walkers video page to watch Part 2 of the
"Blueprint" video as well as Part 1.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Considering Entering The Internet Market

If you are a Internet newbie, and you are considering entering the Internet market and do not know where to start or how long it will take before you make money, or do not have a lot to start with.
First, take a deep breath...
One thing you need to realise about starting a online business is it is not wise to do so when you are "up to your eyeballs in debt"or out of work with no backup finances.
If this is your case, I would suggest you focus your energies on clearing up your debt situation first, NOT on starting an online business.If you are in absolutely desperate straits do not attempt to start an online business opportunity in a last ditch effort to save your self from financial ruin.
If you have maxed out your credit cards, are about to lose your homes, are out of a job, etc. and somehow think that Internet marketing is going to be the magic potion that bails you out of your horrible situation be ware.
It is my opinion: it is just like any other business. Would you open up a restaurant or candy store in your current financial condition?
Does this make sense ?
Why would Internet marketing be any different?
While it is true that there is a lower cost to enter and launch your own business online -- after all,you could start with a $20/mo auto responder, a $25/mo website/ hosting and a $10 domain name -- you still have to have of time and energy to invest into launching ANY kind of Internet business.
A Internet business marketing plan will require you to summit your website to Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other websites so your site can be found. SEO marketing skills will be needed if your goal is free advertising, article submission, and press releases. These can be free or low cost ways to market your web site.
Website marketing is the one cost that will be required if you desire to see any type of fast return on your investment in a Internet business pay per click being a major one. Under stand what is being said pay per click you have to have a advertising budget for this.
If you are maxed to the gills right now, sorry to say,but this is NOT a good time in your life to start a new business.There have been those who have done it ,and been successful but they are by far the minority.
First things first.
Clean up the mess you are in (believe me, I have been there),THEN when the sky has cleared, look into launching your own online business IF you think you have something good to offer your marketplace then develope it , or join a proven online business, or a online marketing group with website development, and training.
It might be a site about your passion or info product about how to get out of debt,save your home and repair your credit.
If you are bored silly in a job that is going nowhere and has a boss who is a total jerk and you would like to strike out on your own, THEN you are in a much better position to think bout what kind of Internet business you would like to launch.
You do not need to be worried about food on your table or a roof over your head.
But the Internet is definitely one of the cheapest ways you can start your own business,and gain financial freedom.