Friday, April 21, 2006

Making money with your first web business

In the last blog we talked about the internet business and the fact that most people crash and burn. We also covered the reason why this happens, they try to do too much, too soon. The majority of those developing a home based business need to learn and develop six skills. The products they plan to sell, website design, html coding, traffic development and conversion of traffic to income as well as a business plan before they can make their first dollar, most don't make it.

Learning the skills required in a home based business is not easy and developing these six skills at once is such an overwhelming challenge that few succeed. Today we are going to talk about a much easier strategy, the home based business opportunity. Instead of trying to master six completely new areas of expertise before you can make your first dollar, start a work at home business solution that only requires learning three new skills. Marketing an online business, and converting them to money paying hits will take some learning. Have a business plan, know how much you can spend with out causing a financial hardship and keep track of where you spend it. With a pre-made business to start from home you can have a proven home based opportunity already set up for you ready to start making money. With a proven track record you can start making money right away, instead of next year. Then once you learned the basics through the proven opportunity and taken advantage of the training you can move on to creating your own products and more complex websites if you wish. What kind of business is that you ask? It is called the entrepreneur home business.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Six Elements of a Successful Home Based Business

"Do you know that the majority of those that start a home based online business
actually FAIL? After a year or two of
effort they give up in frustration and quit.

That means you are facing some pretty big odds, but you don't need to be one of the online statistics.
Would you like to know how to dramatically shift
those odds in your favor?

Would you like to know why
most people FAIL to make money, and what successful
people do to succeed.

There are six elements every successful online
business needs:

1) A product or service that people want
2) The training to know how to do it
3) online technology to sell and deliver it
4) Traffic bringing prospects to the site
5) Converting those prospects into customers and money
6)Last but not least a business plan

Learning to make money online requires mastering
each of these six elements.

The order and the way in which you learn these
six elements is what frequently determines your success or failure.

Most people fail in a home based business because they start with the wrong strategy.

One of the biggest reason that people fail is because they fall for get-rich-quick programs. Yes there are programs out there that work faster than others. Yes, there are individuals who appear to make it almost instantly,but how? The internet like most things in life is not free you have to pay to use it . Like most things in life it requires work. You have to learn what works and what doesn't. But if you are willing to invest the time and effort to study successful people and what they do, you can succeed. Or you can use the do it yourself strategy 1) Developing a product to sell 2) Building a website 3) Driving traffic to thwebsite4) Converting the traffic into customers and dollars. Wait a minute what about the learning and what training? Meny people start out trying to develop a product or service that they think will sell. Without anyknowledge of the online world, they want to get their own product out there in the belief that's the best way to make money. Finding or developing a product is not easy. It can take months to a year or more) Once they get a product, they'll begin the process of trying to build a website. This is where most people really get defeated. Learning the technology required to create and operate an online websites in NOT easy. There are many things to learn just to get a web site out there: HTML coding,web hosting, web servers, software applications, web stats, etc. 3) Then they finally start driving traffic only to find they are not making any money. The reason is getting traffic requires developing some specific knowledge and skills,which take time. This is when most people CRASH and BURN. After more than a year and lots of money and little or nothing in return. Meny just give up frustrated and burned out. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?If you are, then I have some GREAT NEWS FOR YOU. There are much easier, faster and simpler ways to start a making money in a home based internet business. Buy selecting a proven turnkey business opportunity you can learn as you earn.

One of the top rated online home business opportunities is Internet Marketing Center or the Rich Jerk is a good way to go because, they will tell you exactly what to do and how to do it right.