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Residual Income | A Simple Plan To Success

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Residual Income A Simple Plan for Success
Simple plan to start a financially successful online business and semi –retire in 5 years. Posted: 2005-08-27 16:35 by Mike Makler
Residual Income is the best kind of Income for an Online Home Based Business Owner. Imagine making a Sale today and still earning Monthly income on that Sale a year from now, 10 Years from now 20 years from now. That is the power of Residual income. I started my first online businesses in September of 2001 and I am still earning monthly income for sales I Made in 2001 and here we are more then 1/2 way through 2005.

Let's Say you can find an online business where you can Earn $50 a month residual income for every sale you make, Let's also assume the Startup cost's are zero and the monthly costs for advertising, Web Page, Hosting etc are less then $250 a Month. If you could make just 1 new sale a week at the end of 1 year you would have 52 streams of residual income or $2600 a month. If you were to keep this up for 5 Years you would have 260 Streams of residual income or $13,000 a Month. Even if you had a 40% Drop out rate over the 5 years you would still be earning $7,800 a month. (7,550 after expenses)

Now You simply go into cruise control you work hard enough to keep your stream steady. If you loose 1 income stream in a month you add at 2 that month. If you don't loose any income streams in a month you still add 2. Not exactly retirement in 5 years but certainly a fairly easy way to maintain your standard of living.

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