Wednesday, May 17, 2006

One Little Word

I'm going to share with you today an email I received.

This is full of truth to ponder. There's one little word that has changed more peoples lives than you'll ever know. It can super charge your business, explode your marketing and help you get anything you want out of life.It's above everything else and not applying it is the mostcommon reason for failure. See, all the knowledge, skills, tactics, methods, secrets, tricks, products, practice, analyzing, focus, researching and planing are alluseless without... ACTION! Don't get trapped in " analysis paralyses", justbugger down and get it done. I know you have been putting some of your marketing off for when thetime is right.The right time is now. Take action on at least one marketing task every day for your online business. Don't get lazy and stuck in the muck. Marketingis a never ending project. The more you do, the more you benefit.Be persistent and "get er done".
- Dave-David Christopher Ray "Mr Unconventional"

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do you want to optimize you sales?

I got a really interesting artical today from David Christopher Ray.
I thought I would share with you this marketing idea for your Home Based Business Opportunity.
There's a quick and easy way to stretch your traffic out
to increase your web site results.

I'm talking about recycling your traffic.

If you are building an opt-in list (and you should be)
instead of sending a full article out to your list try
just sending a brief summary with a link to an online

If your article is a decent length you should split
it up into multiple pages.

The goal here is to get surfers traversing around
more of your web pages. The more pages they view,
the more opportunity you have for a click, a sale,
an opt-in or some other results oriented action.

If you're an adsense publisher this works fantastically
well at boosting your bottom line.

Think about it. If your traffic is suddenly viewing 3,
4 or more times the amount of ads, its only natural that
you'll start seeing better results.

If you have large lists or generate substantial traffic
you should really see huge boosts in your profits with
this tactic.

Now get busy recycling your traffic!

Next issue I'm going to tell you about one word that
can give you anything you want in your entrepreneur home business.

To your success,

- Dave
David Christopher Ray
'Mr Unconventional'