Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Be Careful When Using Myspace

In the last month a friend asked if I could fix her computer after it crashed, I said yes. Then my computer which also had a K7 Trition motherboard with an AMD XP processor crashed as well. I anylized the problem they both had, The hard drive nor the boot record could be found. Well it took me about three weeks to find out that there is a group of about 300 people in a peticular forum dedicating there time to attacking and hacking myspace for the fun of it. Later that night I found out that someone was posing as a hacker in this forum asked what they were up to. Well someone created something called a flash worm (improperly named because it is not a worm virus), anyway it found a hole in flash player 8. My theory is one of these very crafty hackers went into the computer and some how disabled the cmos from detecting a hardrive. So I went into the cmos and re enabled it to check for harddrives, bam, problem solved. In order to not be affected by this flash worm and other things you need to make sure all of you media and media related programs are up to date. This way the hackers are going to have to find new holes and cant use the old ones. Myspace is also working on closing the insecurities. So if you are just using myspace to communicate or market you product, be very careful with whos myspace you visit. Even if you know that persons myspace it may have some kind of hacker trace left behind. You never know if you myspace was altered in the coding while you were not on your profile.

Sorry, but I do not remember the names of this forum nor the undercover man. But regardless you do need to keep up on securing your computer. I did not know until my computers crashed that you computers cmos can be altered without boot up.

be safe and succeed in your online opportunity or online job

oh dont forget to have a good anti virus and anti spyware and malware remover.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A new year for profits

Hey everybody, how is the new year going. Hopefully everybody did well on their websites last year. I managed to find out some great new stuff that the search engines look for.

one: get links to your site
two: get is unique content
three: update your site from time to time

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