Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eric Rockefeller’s “The Affiliate Conspiracy”

I have signed up for, and at this time I'm personally using "“The Affiliate Conspiracy”. I have to say the information is very valuable, and who does not want more money particularly with everything going up.. Eric is really giving out usable, information on how to be a supper affiliate on the Internet.
I have some Information about Eric Rockefeller’s “The Affiliate Conspiracy” and AdWordsM, and here it is. First key to success start every day deciding you want to learn something new. This is something I have learned, and also is one thing that Eric Rockefeller, and I have in common. With the ever-changing world of affiliate marketing, campaigns, and AdWords, learning something new is never the problem; it is learning something that is actually useful that proves problematic this is a true statement.
The day is rapidly approaching when we learn if Eric Rockefeller’s “The Affiliate Conspiracy” is really all that it is cracked up to be or not. From what we have seen, though, all signs point to a solid yes.
Even before the release of “The Affiliate Conspiracy,” we know that this series is different than anything else we have seen in the world of affiliate marketing. Eric Rockefeller shows step-by-step images of his personal campaigns so that you can earn the same results. Keep it simple and keep it real; it does not get any better than that.
These campaigns will display three different niche markets so everyone gets a little of something that they can use and enjoy. Although, using all three examples at the same time is not a bad idea either.
AdWords are Google’s way of placing keyword sensitive ads that you create to pull people to your website. Those consumers are then more likely to find out more about you or purchase something from your site. In theory, AdWords can only help your business. Too bad it’s just a theory, you need the real truth.
As we all know they cost you, and AdWords only work if you know the proper techniques to get Google to pick your add for display. Never fear, with Eric’s AdWords copyrighting techniques, you get essential information for profitable real results. Your ads will easily appear all over Google with any search close to your correct keywords.
The only thing more exciting than the release of “The Affiliate Conspiracy” is getting the opportunity to put it all into action. From what you are promised, this is not about getting what you want; it is about getting what you deserve.
Check for my results , and find out what I really think of “The Affiliate Conspiracy”. See if it really produces all of the glory that it promises Internet marketers like you, and me. We will quickly see if these tools he uses for his affiliate marketing only work for him or if they can be applied to anyone who wants to be give it a chance for true online profits.
If you want to check it out go to

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pareto's Principle and Marketing

I am a strong believer in the Pareto Principle, otherwise known as the
80/20 rule, or the law of the vital few, and the trivial many.
In any human activity, just a small group of factors is responsible for
the lion's share of results, and apply them and see your profits increase.
For example, just 20% of the salespeople earn 80% of the commissions.
20% of the authors sell 80% of the books.
20% of your daily activities generate 80% of your success and income.
And so on.
This certainly applies to the factors governing marketing success no matter what type. As a
result, you do not need to master scores of rules, and learn hundreds of
secrets. Just a few--the right few--will bring you phenomenal success in your Internet business.
Select the area you want to concentrate on not every thing that comes in your email box, or for that matter select one or two online opportunities at most. Then if they are not for you change only after a good go of it , not hit and miss. Remember no mater what bull you are given you will still have to take it one bite at a time no supper fast success usually.

How to Make More Money

If you already have an Internet business here is a tip on how to make more money in your business
right away...

Analyze your current results, always this is good marketing. See where most of your
traffic is coming from, and what is creating most of
your revenue.

You will find that only 1-3 things are most likely driving
most of the activity in your business. Spend more
time growing those things, and very little time
trying other things, this is your already proven money source. This is the 80/20
rule of marketing on steroids. It really applies to Internet Marketing where buyer are usually very focused.

Also, there is ONE thing that will probably make
you more money than anything else the addition of - A NEW PRODUCT.

It is a proven fact that one of the best ways to create
an infusion of cash into your online business is to
release a new product.

Yes, product creation is time consuming, and sometimes
is no fun. But regardless of your market, releasing a
new product is almost guaranteed to make you more
money as fast as possible.

Friday, May 09, 2008

It Is Not You Internet Marketing is a Scam

Hi Frustrated Internet Marketers and those that are not,

Just thought I would pass on this article by Web Marketing advisor Daniel Levis. I read this site daily The Total Package as the marketing information is teriffic, and good marketing information is money in the bank.So here is you insperation for the day and do check out the site as I'm Not kidding the marketing information is very valuable. See It’s Not Your Fault You’re Not Making Any Money Online, Everything Is A Scam!
Dear Web Business Builder,
Holy Crap Batman! This is cause for celebration …
… I’m sitting here writing the 100 th edition of Web Marketing Advisor. Can you believe it? One hundred weeks of blood, sweat, and tears to bring you a new business building, sales exploding morsel of inspiration with each and every edition.
Is it a pain in the ass coming up with something new to say each week? For YOU, no way! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Unless Clayton and The Redhead tell me to bug off with my odd, some would say twisted — slant on things … and occasional hysterical rantings, I’m here to stay.
Now let’s get down to biz.
This week I’ve been strugglingto keep my head on straight …
It’s part of the human condition to look around you and be influenced in ways that are often counterproductive. We’re sympathetic creatures. We naturally model the world around us.
And if the world around you is full of stinkinthinkin’, it can rub off. Sometimes you get ground down and your attitude suffers. It happens to all of us. Optimizing your attitude takes discipline and constant vigilance.
No matter how successful you are, unless you’re constantly struggling and pushing yourself for more, you’re sliding. It’s a law of life. And therefore, attitude management NEVER ceases to be an issue.
Every day I struggle to keep my head on straight. And you should too, because there’s no standing still in this world. You’re either moving forward, or falling back.
Beware of the backsliders …
…You know I make it a point to read as much of the casual correspondence that comes into my office as I possibly can. I look at it as free market research. And I can tell (just from reading) which direction the person writing is likely to be headed. How do I know?
Successful people — and those destined for more success — by their words (and actions), demonstrate their willingness to take responsibility for their destiny.
They know they can’t control what happens to them. But they know they CAN control their reaction to what happens to them. It is a challenge sometimes to stay 100% constructive in that reaction, but they are vigilant. And the more vigilant they are, the more successful they become.
My research tells me, however, that there are an alarming number of people who refuse to accept this rather obvious truth.
I call them backsliders. Here’s how they think …
“It’s not my fault. Everything is a scam. It won’t work for me because ______, and _______, and ________. It’s up to you to prove it to me by letting me try it for free.”
So what happens?
Smart marketers create sales copy that taps into this core complex. They write sales letters that demonstrate how easy it is to accomplish something … tell people it’s not their fault they’ve been previously frustrated … how everyone else out there is trying to scam them … and to sign up for a 30 day free trial.
And the backsliders buy! Doing so is emotionally gratifying to them. It’s a quick, easy way to feel they’re actually doing something to better themselves.
But when the information product they’ve bought fails to sprout arms, legs and a mind of its own — AND DO THE WORK FOR THEM — they feel they’ve been scammed!
They cast blame on the person who was trying to help them. And the whole process inevitably repeats itself, again and again and again.
Successful people are buyers too. But they take responsibility for their own success. They realize there’s no magical creature that’s going to fly down out of the sky and do the thinking and the working and the struggling for them.
They realize it’s up to them to synthesize and apply information from hundreds, maybe even thousands of different sources into a unique system that works for them.
Walk into the office of such a person or peruse their hard drive, and you can’t help but recognize their kind. Books, binders, CDs everywhere … file folders organized with reams of information … and still more file folders with notes and detailed, written plans of ACTION!
They’re readers. They’re writers. And they’re doers. But most of all, they know how to keep their head on straight. This doesn’t just happen. It’s a discipline.
A few ideas I’ve found helpful …
Head On Straight Discipline #1, The 5am Club – I first heard this phrase from my friend TJ Rohleder. And the idea behind the 5am Club, at least as TJ describes it, is to take some time, maybe an hour or so each morning, to reflect dispassionately on your business.
Now it doesn’t have to be 5am. It can be any time. The important thing is it’s a time of day when a) you’re not likely to be bothered, and b) you’ve just risen from sleep. For many people, that just happens to be 5am.
For me, the 5am club is my sacred time to reflect on my business assets and devise ways to make the most of them. It’s very easy to overlook untapped value that exists within your business when you’re busy running your business.
You can’t see the forest for the trees. And so you miss countless ways to increase sales and profits that are sitting right under your nose. You fail to appreciate and fully utilize your business assets.
This quiet time each morning allows me to renew my gratitude for what I have and devise new ways of putting it to highest and best use. That spirit of gratitude and appreciation sets a pattern for the rest of the day and helps me to see the many problems that are sure to arise as opportunities rather than obstacles.
Head On Straight Discipline #2, Listen To Your Self-Talk – This is easier said than done. Obviously a great deal of our internal dialogue is subconscious, below our level of awareness. And that’s exactly why it’s critical to be mindful of it.
That’s why I take a few moments each day to just stop and reflect on what I’ve been saying to myself in the heat of battle.
If you’ve ever tried this, then you know that a few of the things you hear are somewhat less than empowering. This is natural, especially if you’re challenging yourself to new heights of achievement and stepping out of your comfort zone.
Confront that little voice in your head when you catch it whispering limiting beliefs in your ear. When you hear them, anchor them to positive affirmations that empower you, and repeat those affirmations whenever you have a quiet moment.
Your subconscious mind simply acts on input. If you allow garbage in unchallenged, your subconscious mind programs your behavior to be consistent with that garbage. The same is true of positive inputs. What the mind conceives, the mind achieves.
Head On Straight Discipline #3, Have Written Goals Reviewed Daily – Having written goals gives you a barometer for all of the activities you engage in throughout the workday. You can ask yourself “Is this thing I’m doing right now taking me toward my goals or away from them?”
Each morning at 5am Club, you can take stock of your progress, decide what needs to be done to stay on course, and revise your game plan.
I like to break goals into long-term, short-term, and daily. Long and short-term goals feed long and short-term plans, and daily goals make to-do lists.
Being a copywriter, I want to prime my subconscious mind to solve creative problems while I sleep. So I make my to-do lists just before going to bed. And then I write as soon as I get up.
Each morning I roll out of bed and immediately write feverishly for an hour or so, then I do the 5am club thing, and try to remain watchful of my self-talk a few times throughout the day.
I find these disciplines keep my mind sharp and my attitude keen. Perhaps you will too.
Until next time, Good Selling! Daniel Levis Editor, The Web Marketing AdvisorTHE TOTAL PACKAGE™
Daniel Levis is a top marketing consultant and direct response copywriter based in Toronto, Canada and publisher of the world famous copywriting anthology, Masters of Copywriting, featuring the selling wisdom of 44 of the “Top Money” marketing minds of all time, including Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, John Carlton, Joe Vitale, Michel Fortin, Richard Armstrong and dozens more! For a FREE excerpt visit
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