Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Home Business Opportunity Tip

I received an e-mail from Derek Gauls today. Derek was talking about the three big secrets to the success that he believed a lot of people miss or learn only slowly, expensively, and late.

SECRET #1: Diversity Equals Stability. Conversely, relying on any one thing excessively equals vulnerability. The worst number in business is: one. One product, one service, one media, one key employee, one key client. If more than 10% to 20% of your income is dependent on any one thing, you're a Titanic en route to an iceberg.

The smartest pencils in the box think: multiple. Multiple sources of income. Multiple means of acquiring customers. Multi-media. He said this is not always welcomed advice, especially by people temporarily making lots of money easily and cheaply, from one cheap media like the Internet.

But He has been a marketer and entrepreneur for many years. He had seen lots of change, sudden upheaval, and lots of financial wipe-outs by relying on 'one'. He had also seen people grow and sustain giant incomes by 'multiple', not 'one'. That's why He so strongly urged a broad understanding and application of direct marketing, using multiple media. If you restrict either your education or your implementation to any one media, you're making a huge mistake. A home based business opportunity is one way for an individual to diversify their personal income.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Facts of Starting a Home Business Oppportunity

As you may already know sales, marketing, and advertising are your keys to success. This is
true for the home based business opportunity as well. Getting the information from those who
have mastered the art of a home based business opportunity is difficult at best. Knowing which
opportunity on the internet truly works, and how to make them work for you is the hard part.