Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Copywriting wake-up Call

Hello Fellow Business-Builder,
One of our core responsibilities and requirements as business builders and copywriters is raising the perceived value of the products we are selling so we can charge premium prices.

This is especially true when selling information products. However without good copy tangible products can be frequently passed over no matter how good they are. Perceived value and actual value in marketing are inseparable. As product makers or as an affiliate our job is to get the buyer interested in the products we are offering and showing them their need for them wither it be need or impulse buying copywriting can be the difference between a buy or a rejection.

When selling information products, you are actually doing your customers a disservice by not maximizing the price and perceived value of what you are selling.

Clayto Makepeace one of the top copywriters is going to be doing an extended interview with Gary Bencivenga.
If you want better copy and success then you should be looking forward with anticipation to the interview between Gary Bencivenga and Clayton Makepeace and its free.
So let’s dispense with hype and horsesh*t: Right now, the Internet is crawling with charlatans claiming to be the greatest copywriter alive – and then urging you to pay them a fortune for their books and courses. Many are complete frauds – scam artists who have never had a single hot control for a major mailer – looking to make a quick buck off of you.

Other self-proclaimed experts really have made millions writing copy – most of it aimed at selling their own books, courses and conferences, but rarely if ever competing against top writers in the real world.

Only a handful of copywriters in our generation have ever competed at anywhere near Gary Bencivenga’s level over the long haul. And if the little fraternity of true million dollar copywriters held an election today, Gary would be unanimously elected King.So do not pass up your opportunity to be i on this interview!
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