Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do You Want The Best Advise At No Cost

SUBJECT 1: Whithout Question - The Best Advice -From Experts
SUBJECT 2: Your Success or Failure: This Decides it
SUBJECT 3: This will Determine Your Success or Failure...
SUBJECT 4: The difference between success and failure...

Top Companies Pay Them $250,000 + To Get It!

There is one question we have all asked ourselves at one time or another...
What really makes the difference between a successful business and one that shutters its doors prematurely?

Where is the line between frustration, challenges and peace of mind drawn?

And what is the critical difference between mediocrity and earning millions more over the course of your business life?

I can't say I have all the answers. If I did, I'd be sunning on the deck of my yacht in the Caribbean right now...

But I know 54 different people who DO have the answers. And right now, they're handing them out for FREE.

The League of Extraordinary Minds

You will hear direct from 54 of the world's leading business experts as they hand you their most unique, fresh, powerful, and highly individualized approaches to business building...

This is the real deal from the major players...the experts who consult with the billion dollar powerhouses like Google, Coca Cola, Microsoft, and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies.

There's never been a brain trust of this magnitude ever before, and there most likely won't be ever again. But you can be a part of this for 6 full weeks...

And it won't cost you a cent.

Inside these in-depth panel sessions, you'll discover...

--Finad out the most serious error nearly every business owner makes when trying to grow their business today.

--This easy to overlook critical factor your market is placing far more weight and value on in their purchasing decisions -- and how it can cost you big lost sales and profits.

--Learn the five simple shifts in your current business approach that can vastly improve performance and decrease risks and stress.

--Find out the single most vitally important marketing discovery a business owner can possibly make in today’s changing economy.

--The most overlooked and underutilized stimulator of business growth today and why it’s essential to add this, twin-turbo-charging component to everything you ever do.

Plus much, much more.

But you need to act FAST...

Joint The League of Extraordinary Minds

Because it all kicks off in two weeks, and they're only letting a limited number of people inside.

And since over 150 other list owners and major bloggers are inviting their subscribers too, this thing's going to fill up--FAST.

So to reserve your place in this monumental free training session, you need to go here NOW.

I'll see you there...

Nancy Nikolauson

P.S. I'm serious--you simply cannot get expert insights and advice this valuable from anyone else for FREE. Because these experts are well beyond our normal realm of access.

If that sounds unbelievable, it's not. They charge up to a $250,000 PER DAY in consulting fees. And they get it--over and over again.

But with the League of Extraordinary Minds, you will receive their world-class knowledge, wisdom, information and expert analysis--all without paying a cent.

And it could be the difference between being an "Also Ran" who never breaks from the pack or becoming the leading force in your market, field or niche.

So which one do YOU want to be?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work at Home Marketing Strategy

Two complementary marketing channels for your Internet business is online and off line both should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Experience has shown that marketing through multiple channels is the most effective way to build a business.
If you do not have an Internet presence then it is time to get one. You can start by placing your website or blog on an open directory service. Directories provide a way to get one way back link that will increase your page ranking in the search engines for increased traffic=money=profit and at no cost. You can also go to Google and type in website directories or and look for directories that fit your website content. If you do not want to do all your directory submissions by hand you can go to go to marketing tools on the left side of the page and go to Directory Submitter by Brad Callen a free submitter software. This will make your task a whole lot easier and faster. This Directory Submitter software has instructions so you get the best results in your directory SEO and automated submission insert technology so you need not do all the required information by hand.

One way to do "offline" advertising is by using business cards. This can also be very reasonably priced advertising. This is also an easy way introduce people you know to your online business without having to actually talk to them. Business cards can either be done with your printer or by an online or offline printing company. Then just start handing them out to people you come in contact with that you think might be interested in your Internet business offerings. Do not forget to make sure your website or blog address is on your business card. To your success.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Positive Responses To Internet Marketing

One of the main things you need to realize is most people fail in Internet Marketing and making a profit on the Internet. What I'm I saying yes it is true but this need not be you!
You can work at home and Put yourself on the road to success, start the journey today !
The solution is First take action by getting Internet marketing information that works for you.
If you are new to Internet marketing (newbie) get "Start Your Profits Today"
a free access video introduction on "how to start making money for free" with potent and powerful tactics.

* Be Confidence: You can be successful in life you will be prepared to succeed.

*Do Not Fear Doing Internet Marketing:Take action experienced the pleasure of working on something you value.

* Do Not Procrastinate= Take Action Today

or 1stPromotion Pro2 ClickBank® Web Mall with a fully customizable website with products ready to go and step by step instruction and Up To 75% Commission From A Single sale. It is fully customizable so you can get free SEO (search engine optimization) traffic and traffic=money=profits. Its easy and you even make money the fist day. You get valuable instruction with his product.

This is what B.F. Skinner had to say about it in A Brief Survey of Operant Behavior:

"It has long been known that behavior is affected by its consequences. We reward and punish people, for example, so that they will behave in different ways. ... Operant reinforcement not only shapes the topography of behavior, it maintains it in strength long after an operant has been formed. Schedules of reinforcement are important in maintaining behavior. If a response has been reinforced for some time only once every five minutes, for example, the rat soon stops responding immediately after reinforcement but responds more and more rapidly as the time for the next reinforcement approaches. ... Reinforcers may be positive or negative. A positive reinforcer reinforces when it is presented; a negative reinforcer reinforces when it is withdrawn. Negative reinforcement is not punishment. Reinforcers always strengthen behavior; that is what 'reinforced' means."

Give yourself positive reinforcement in your life-believe you can succeed financially and in life. Reward yourself constantly and for almost any sort of accomplishment, big and small. By attaching rewards to your desired behavior, you will increase the likelihood that you will repeat that behavior in the future.
You can make Money on the Internet start your reward today.
To Your Success,
Peter Nikolauson

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Copywriting wake-up Call

Hello Fellow Business-Builder,
One of our core responsibilities and requirements as business builders and copywriters is raising the perceived value of the products we are selling so we can charge premium prices.

This is especially true when selling information products. However without good copy tangible products can be frequently passed over no matter how good they are. Perceived value and actual value in marketing are inseparable. As product makers or as an affiliate our job is to get the buyer interested in the products we are offering and showing them their need for them wither it be need or impulse buying copywriting can be the difference between a buy or a rejection.

When selling information products, you are actually doing your customers a disservice by not maximizing the price and perceived value of what you are selling.

Clayto Makepeace one of the top copywriters is going to be doing an extended interview with Gary Bencivenga.
If you want better copy and success then you should be looking forward with anticipation to the interview between Gary Bencivenga and Clayton Makepeace and its free.
So let’s dispense with hype and horsesh*t: Right now, the Internet is crawling with charlatans claiming to be the greatest copywriter alive – and then urging you to pay them a fortune for their books and courses. Many are complete frauds – scam artists who have never had a single hot control for a major mailer – looking to make a quick buck off of you.

Other self-proclaimed experts really have made millions writing copy – most of it aimed at selling their own books, courses and conferences, but rarely if ever competing against top writers in the real world.

Only a handful of copywriters in our generation have ever competed at anywhere near Gary Bencivenga’s level over the long haul. And if the little fraternity of true million dollar copywriters held an election today, Gary would be unanimously elected King.So do not pass up your opportunity to be i on this interview!
Click on this link and get your fee copy writing information and do not forget to sign up for the Free "MY Multi-Million Dollar Secret Revealed!" event.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Warning ! Scam Using

Thought I would give a heads up to anyone shipping or purchasing something using is a real company their address is given below, you will find their name on eBay. However there are some people using this company as a scam, usually big ticket items requiring shipping, such as cars, trailers, ect. using this company as a way to lure you in, and they are sneaky. You will find the original information sent to you or directing you to the authentic site usually, they will then send you another very authentic looking email it usually sends you to a Escrow account manager based in New York. It usually is done in the green used by may contain information such as= THE SELLER REQUESTS PAYMENT BY MONEY GRAM MONEY TRANSFER. Do not use this payment method at anytime as their is no security for you once it is sent there is no going back, use PayPal or the real Usually the scam company will not include a phone number in their second email for you to call. Always be careful if you have no phone number.

One of the fake addresses =

Escrow Account Manager Information Money Gram Transfer Information

First Name: George
First Name: George
Last Name: Olmert
Last Name: Olmert
Address: 647 Franklin Ave
Address: 647 Franklin Ave
City/Town: Garden City
City/Town: Garden City
State: New York(NY)
State: New York(NY)
Zip Code: 11530
Zip Code: 11530
Country: United States
Country: United States

This is the real address for
Customer Service
16251 Laguna Canyon Rd.
Irvine Ca, 92618 Suite 150
Toll Free 888-511-8600
International Cstmr Srvc 949-790-5890
Cstmr Srvc Fax 949-790-5801

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eric Rockefeller’s “The Affiliate Conspiracy”

I have signed up for, and at this time I'm personally using "“The Affiliate Conspiracy”. I have to say the information is very valuable, and who does not want more money particularly with everything going up.. Eric is really giving out usable, information on how to be a supper affiliate on the Internet.
I have some Information about Eric Rockefeller’s “The Affiliate Conspiracy” and AdWordsM, and here it is. First key to success start every day deciding you want to learn something new. This is something I have learned, and also is one thing that Eric Rockefeller, and I have in common. With the ever-changing world of affiliate marketing, campaigns, and AdWords, learning something new is never the problem; it is learning something that is actually useful that proves problematic this is a true statement.
The day is rapidly approaching when we learn if Eric Rockefeller’s “The Affiliate Conspiracy” is really all that it is cracked up to be or not. From what we have seen, though, all signs point to a solid yes.
Even before the release of “The Affiliate Conspiracy,” we know that this series is different than anything else we have seen in the world of affiliate marketing. Eric Rockefeller shows step-by-step images of his personal campaigns so that you can earn the same results. Keep it simple and keep it real; it does not get any better than that.
These campaigns will display three different niche markets so everyone gets a little of something that they can use and enjoy. Although, using all three examples at the same time is not a bad idea either.
AdWords are Google’s way of placing keyword sensitive ads that you create to pull people to your website. Those consumers are then more likely to find out more about you or purchase something from your site. In theory, AdWords can only help your business. Too bad it’s just a theory, you need the real truth.
As we all know they cost you, and AdWords only work if you know the proper techniques to get Google to pick your add for display. Never fear, with Eric’s AdWords copyrighting techniques, you get essential information for profitable real results. Your ads will easily appear all over Google with any search close to your correct keywords.
The only thing more exciting than the release of “The Affiliate Conspiracy” is getting the opportunity to put it all into action. From what you are promised, this is not about getting what you want; it is about getting what you deserve.
Check for my results , and find out what I really think of “The Affiliate Conspiracy”. See if it really produces all of the glory that it promises Internet marketers like you, and me. We will quickly see if these tools he uses for his affiliate marketing only work for him or if they can be applied to anyone who wants to be give it a chance for true online profits.
If you want to check it out go to

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pareto's Principle and Marketing

I am a strong believer in the Pareto Principle, otherwise known as the
80/20 rule, or the law of the vital few, and the trivial many.
In any human activity, just a small group of factors is responsible for
the lion's share of results, and apply them and see your profits increase.
For example, just 20% of the salespeople earn 80% of the commissions.
20% of the authors sell 80% of the books.
20% of your daily activities generate 80% of your success and income.
And so on.
This certainly applies to the factors governing marketing success no matter what type. As a
result, you do not need to master scores of rules, and learn hundreds of
secrets. Just a few--the right few--will bring you phenomenal success in your Internet business.
Select the area you want to concentrate on not every thing that comes in your email box, or for that matter select one or two online opportunities at most. Then if they are not for you change only after a good go of it , not hit and miss. Remember no mater what bull you are given you will still have to take it one bite at a time no supper fast success usually.

How to Make More Money

If you already have an Internet business here is a tip on how to make more money in your business
right away...

Analyze your current results, always this is good marketing. See where most of your
traffic is coming from, and what is creating most of
your revenue.

You will find that only 1-3 things are most likely driving
most of the activity in your business. Spend more
time growing those things, and very little time
trying other things, this is your already proven money source. This is the 80/20
rule of marketing on steroids. It really applies to Internet Marketing where buyer are usually very focused.

Also, there is ONE thing that will probably make
you more money than anything else the addition of - A NEW PRODUCT.

It is a proven fact that one of the best ways to create
an infusion of cash into your online business is to
release a new product.

Yes, product creation is time consuming, and sometimes
is no fun. But regardless of your market, releasing a
new product is almost guaranteed to make you more
money as fast as possible.